Peptide Companion - Software

  • Molecular weights
  • Elemental analysis results
  • Amino acid composition
  • Mass spectral fragmentation


  • HPLC behavior of peptides
  • Difficult sequences to synthesize
  • Conformational parameters of peptides/proteins
  • Enzymatic or chemical degradation
  • Composition of peptide or nonpeptide library
  • Amino acid composition from M.W.

Additional features:

  • Finds problems in mass spectra
  • Evaluates peptide content in lyophilizate based on elemental analysis
  • Translates one letter code to/from three letter code
  • Serves as database of hundreds of peptides
  • Serves as database of protecting groups and other abbreviations
  • Understands peptide language

Requires Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, NT, or a system capable of running Windows programs.


1 comment:

Beautiful said...

Zip file at Rapidshare contains an extra exe-file which has numbers in the name and is much younger than original files of this package. This is an Italian virus. Just delete it and enjoy the PepCom.

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