Office Multi-document Password Cracker v2.0.0.3 [With Patch]

Office Multi-document Password Cracker is used to get instant access to password protected MS Word and Excel documents. The program provides a simple solution to remove any password (excepting VBA project password) from multiple MS Word and MS Excel documents.

Protection and safety are very important in case of sensitive information. That is why setting passwords for MS Word and MS Excel documents is so widespread both at home and in big companies. There is only one problem ? passwords tend to be forgotten or lost. Then your sensitive information, although well-protected, becomes totally inaccessible and, as a result, useless.

Office Multi-document Password Cracker offers its help in such no-way-out situations.

Simply download and install Office Multi-document Password Cracker and enjoy the fast and effective removal of ?write? and ?protection? passwords from Word files as well as ?write?, workbook, shared workbook and worksheet passwords from Excel files you choose. For those of your files that have ?open? password protection, which is much stronger and usually takes days to remove using an ordinary computer, Office Multi-document Password Cracker provides online decryption service, which means your files will be processed by powerful and secure servers running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The decryption process will take about 15 seconds for one document, regardless of the password length. Unlike other tools, Office Multi-document Password Cracker doesn?t require the whole document protected with ?open? password to be uploaded to the server. The server receives only a part of the document?s header, which guarantees absolute privacy of your documents content.

Features and benefits:

-- Removes the "open", "write" and "protection" passwords from MS Word documents.
-- Removes the "open", "write", workbook, shared workbook and worksheet passwords from MS Excel documents.
-- Allows to unprotect multiple documents by few mouse clicks.
-- Support for MS Word and Excel 97/2000/XP/2003 with default protection.
-- The length of password does not influence the time needed to remove it.
-- Online document decryption service with guaranteed privacy (used to remove "open" password only).
-- Password protection against unauthorized program access.
-- Easy and user-friendly interface.

System requirements:

Windows 9x / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003.
The program can decrypt documents created in MS Word and Excel 97 / 2000 / XP / 2003 and protected with the standard method (compatible with Office 97/2000).
The program cannot process documents encrypted with nonstandard CSP (it is possible to select a CSP in Microsoft Office XP / 2003 only) and documents created in the French version of MS Word or Excel 97.

Download Link:

Blumentals Software Program Protector 3 [With Patch]

You can easily password protect any Windows application. Program Protector is very easy to use and does not require any special computer knowledge. You can password protect programs with a few clicks.

Key features and benefits
    Password protect any Windows application
    Drag and drop program files and shortcuts to protect them
    Browse the list of protected programs
    Password protect the Program Protector itself
    Customize password prompt
    View protected program activity log
    100% protection, can't be bypassed
    Compatible with all programs, including Internet Explorer and Outlook Express
    Very easy to use
    Works with Windows Vista®

Total irRemote cracked

Turn your Smartphone into universal remote control!

How many times you have lost your remote control? Don’t look for it anymore. To hear music, watch TV, DVD or VCR your smartphone is more than enough.

Psiloc irRemote turns the phone into universal remote control. It is small, comfortable software which doesn’t need much storage space. irRemote allows to operate audio and video equipment using one device – Symbian operated smartphone. It supports most brands of domestic electronic devices available on the market. In new version of the application an unlimited number of devices can be added to personalized list. The interface is stylish and user-friendly.

Download Link:

Easy FLV to AVI Converter 3.6.2 + Patch

Video/Audio utility to convert Flash Video(FLV files) into AVI files include all MP3 sound.Easy FLV to AVI Converter is a free, easy-to-use, small and simple Video/Audio tool designed to convert Flash Video(FLV files) into AVI files include all MP3 sound.Easy FLV to AVI Converter does not even require installation and will convert your Flash Video files into AVIs in no time and with a lot of ease.

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Portable Ap PDF Split-Merge 2.5 [Cracked]

PDF Split/Merge is a stand-alone tool for splitting, merging PDF documents, it allows you to split large PDF files into smaller PDF files. PDF Split/Merge is offered as an easy-to-use GUI (Graphical User Interface) application, and command-line application.

PDF Split/Merge Features:

* Adobe Acrobat and Reader NOT required!
* Automates the process of splitting and merging multiple PDF files
* Rearrange pages in a document
* Split PDF documents by page numbers or custom page ranges etc
* Split a file into single pages or sets of pages(page ranges, odd/even pages...)
* Merging one or more PDF files
* Many different split and merge methods
* Supports Command Line and batch processing
* Supports pdf v1.6(Acrobat 7.0)
* Drag and Drop support of files
* List order organizing
* Save, Load & Append Batch Lists
* Modify document information data such as Author, Subject, Title or Keywords to all generated documents.
* Supports encrypted pdf files.

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How to make Up to $ 3000/ Month

How to make Up to 3000$/Month and be a partner with ALGOCO?

I've tried it, an it worked for thousands of persons

This site is Trusted by many companies in the world, even GOOGLE, Microsoft, YouTube

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After that, you have 2 ways to earn money :

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Save Flash V 4.1.0 [With Serial]

- Possibility to save from a complete web page either all flash files or every flash file separately.
- Convenient flash files’ preview (rewind/forward view, pause, loop, scale).
- You can make a screenshot from any flash frame and save it as a graphic file.
- Every flash file can be saved by right mouse click.
- Quick access to Save Flash interface using floating drop-down menu.
- You can get useful additional info about a flash file right at a site (URL, size, resolution, scale, etc.)
- Multilanguage interface.

Download Link:

Youtube Grabber Latest Version (Cracked)

Downloads FLV files from youtube. Simply copy and paste the URL of a video from youtube into the program, press grab OR enter, and the file will be downloaded into the same directory as the program.To play FLV files you need a FLV player.

Download Link:

MHX Chemistry Helper 2

MHX Chemistry Helper is a quick reference tool and guide to learn about chemistry and chemical problems. Designed for students and users. Version 2 added click and connect live chat to get help from other users, study sheets on Alcohols, Ethers, Aldehyde's, Ketone's, and Hydrocarbons, and a list of chemical equation solvers.

Download Link:

301 Legal Forms, Letters & Agreements CD-Rom

Primarily aimed at the office user but also useful in the home, 301 Legal Forms, Letters & Agreements is a best-selling document library on CD-Rom, packed with forms, letters and agreements. About this CD-Rom With 301 essential legal documents on one CD, you’ll have the protection you need in simple legal matters, without the cost of seeing a solicitor. 301 Legal Forms Letters & Agreements is a best-selling document library on CD-Rom, packed with forms, letters and agreements for general business and home and family use.

It features 301 ready-drafted legal documents in Microsoft Word format, written and approved by solicitors, for business or personal use. Each document has ready-to-fill-in fields that show clearly what to say and where. ‘301 Legal Forms’ will prove invaluable to any individual or business wanting to save legal fees, ‘when you need it in writing’!

Download Link:

Recolored 1.0.1

Recolored 1.0.1 RAR | 6,8 MB

Introducing a revolutionary new way of working with digital Recolored is a cutting edge software tool designed to appeal to both novice computer users and expert graphical designers alike.

Recolored is perfect for:

• Colorizing black and white photos Turn your old family photos into natural looking color photos.

• Changing colors in color photos Easily replace the colors of individual objects.

• Selective colorization and desaturation Add instant style and artistry to your photos by coloring specific important

Download Link:

Learn Chineese 2006 v4

A single Chinese software
  • Quizz, exercises and plays
  • To see L assisting for Chinese texts
  • Include a great number of lists of vocabularies
  • Pinyin, translation, characters animated with stroke order
  • Pronunciation for all characters

Suitable for any situation :

Are you a student willing to pass your Chinese exam (HSK)? Do you have to assimilate basic Chinese very fast for business reasons? Do you expect to travel in China and/or discover Chinese culture?

Learn Chinese 2006 will help you enhance your fluency in Chinese and follow your progression :

- Beginner : Focus on the most frequent 400 characters
- Intermediate : Regularly Add words to your custom word lists to follow your progress
- Advanced : Find any character in the 25,000-word dictionary using the search engine

Download Link:

EIC-Electrospray Ion Calculator

EIC calculates mass to charge ratio of ions commonly observed in electrospray or APCI mass spectra. Formula or molecular weight is entered and adduct ions with various common cations (H+, Na+, K+, NH4+) are calculated. If selected, EIC also calculates ions having hydrogens replaced by sodium (e.g. carboxyl-containing compounds). Multimers (dimers, trimers) as well as multiply charged species are considered. Results are shown for positive or negative ions.

Download Link:

Transparent Screen Lock Pro ver.5.00 [With Key]

Transparent Screen Lock enables IT professionals to prevent unauthorized system access, while maintaining the ability to view applications running on the desktop for monitoring purposes. Transparent Screen Lock PRO delivers system security measures that are essential in today's open-concept corporate offices with free movement of employees and visitors, as well as in high security environments such as financial institutions and banks, hospitals and pharmaceutical research facilities, government offices and military installations.

With its ability to limit system access to authorized individuals in both stand-alone and multiple-user shared computer environments, Transparent Screen Lock PRO is ideal for facilities which must ensure compliance to the 21 CFR Part 11 code of federal regulations.

With new optional support for a hardware proximity sensor, TSL-PRO delivers maximum security by automatically locking the system when the user steps away from the station. when the user approaches the system, TSL-PRO's password-protected logon screen is automatically displayed.

Download Link:

VideoGet v2.0.2.28 [Full]

VideoGet is a tool for downloading your favorite video clips from more than 100+ video websites. It supports such websites like YouTube, MySpace, Google Video, Yahoo Video, VSocial and a lot more.

Most of these video websites are keeping video in FLV format, and a lot of people don't know how to playback these files. VideoGet also providing you with ability to convert each video in most popular formats for more comfortable video playback. VideoGet supports AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, FLV, MP4, 3GP, MP3 file formats, so you will be able not only to view it, but also put it into your iPod, mobile phone or any other portable device. Furthermore you can set up video/audio quality, set up video frame rate, width / height and audio sampling rate.

Download Link:

eBook to Images

eBook to Images converts text based eBooks into images.

For people without MP3 players

with text or eBook support, but can view photos, this will convert a book into a series of images.

Native support for Sansa e200, or specify sizes for any player.


· .Net Framework 2.0

Download Link:

Lexitron - Thai to English-English to Thai Dictionary

Web-based Thai – English and English Thai dictionary developed by NECTEC (National Electronics and Computer Technology Center of Thailand). Lexitron also provides sample sentences.

Download Link:

AtamA-Homeopathic Tool

AtamA is a Homeopathic tool and resource designed to facilitate Repertory and Materia Medica investigation and assist determination of acute disease simillima.

Homeopathic software Contains James T. Kent's Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica (sixth edition). Included rubrics have at least one high weight (bold) instance of one of the 100 remedies chosen for the Materia Medica.

William Boericke's Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica (ninth edition). AtamA has the complete text for 100 common remedies.

Samuel Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine (sixth edition). The standard translation by R.E. Dudgeon and William Boericke is included, with a special layout that helps the user read footnotes concurrently. It is a decent software.

Download Link:

Bad copy Pro v 3.80

Steps :

1) Download Bad Copy Pro

2)Enter this serial in the help option


3) Thats all done

Product Description (v3.80)

BadCopy Pro is the leading data recovery software for floppy disk, CD, DVD, memory card, Zip disk, flash drive and other storage media. BadCopy Pro can effectively recover and rescue corrupted or lost data from damaged, unreadable, formatted or defective disks.

Some Situations Where BadCopy Pro Can Help

* Damaged floppy disk repair and floppy data recovery.
* Damaged or defective CD data recovery including CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW.
* Damaged or defective DVD data recovery including DVD-ROM, DVD+R/W and DVD-R/W.
* Recovery of inaccessible data on floppy, CD and DVD discs.
* Rescuing lost files from a floppy disk, CD and DVD.
* CD-R/W burning problems and data loss recovery.
* Recovery of corrupted or unreadable files.
* Retrieval of data from all sessions on multi-session CDs.
* Lost photos recovery for storage used in digital cameras.
* Recovery of files deleted on floppy disks, even quick formatted disks.
* Data recovery on UDF and packet-writing disks. Supports DirectCD and InCD.
* Recovery of data on Iomega Zip, Jaz, MO disks, and USB flash drives.

Using badCopy is safe and risk-free. The software does not write data to your original disks, but saves the recovered data to a new folder that you specify.

Download Link:


Nero Burning ROM + Patch


Nero 6 is an all-in-one CD/DVD recording application suite and more. The user friendly interface gives you easy access to data, audio, or video CD burning. You can convert audio CDs to audio files, encode audio files with a large variety of extensions, copy CDs, back up files, restore back-ups, burn images, or erase CDs. All usual formats are supported. In case you want to burn DVDs, you also have a carefully selected array of options you can choose from. It's possible to make data DVD's, make MP3 or WMA DVDs, copy DVDs, backup files, restore backups, or burn previously saved images, optimize your drive´s performance and lots, lots more!


- Nero StartSmart
- Nero Burning ROM
- Nero Express
- Nero BackItUp
- Nero Cover Designer
- Nero Wave Editor
- Nero SoundTrax
- Nero Image Drive
- Nero Toolkit

Download Link:

Chemical Calculator 6.0 + Reg Code

Chemical Calculator 6.0 is designed to assist science professionals in the calculations involved in making and diluting chemical solutions. A working knowledge of basic science terms such as molarity and metric units of measurement is assumed of the user.

Download Link:

Complete Guide to Prescription and Non-Prescription DRUGS

Complete Guide to Prescription and Non-Prescription DRUGS is organized by drug generic name, and in a few instances, by drug-class name.

A generic name is the official chemical name for a drug.
A brand name is a drug manufacturer's registered trademark for a generic drug. A generic drug may have one or many brand names.

To find information about a generic drug:

1 From the Select Index menu, choose Index by Generic Drug.
2 Look in the alphabetical index for the drug you want, and double-click it.
3 The first screen of information will appear in the topic window on the right. This is the Basic Information topic for that generic drug.

To learn about a brand name drug:

1 From the Select Index menu, choose Index by Brand Name.
2 Look in the alphabetical index for the drug you want, and double-click it.
3 The first screen of information will appear in the topic window on the right. This is the Basic Information for the generic drug equivalent of the brand name drug you clicked on.

Download Link:

Rar Repair Tool v3.1 Full + Patch

Compressed archives have long become the most popular form of data storage and transmission. But there remains one problem - the integrity of the archive structure of such rar files that we easily copy to removable media or send over networks. Until recently, file damage, something we can not escape in the process of data transfer and storage, created a potential weakness of rar archives. The new generation of rar repair tools, however, provides a way to fix your corrupted rar files by applying sophisticated recovery algorithms and powerful rar repair engines.

Many things can cause file damage. The noise, introduced into downloads by line overload can cause transfer errors and finally corrupt your rar file. Physical damage to removable media can bring disruption into archive integrity and as a result you will have a rar file in need for recovery. Ordinary rar applications fail to extract archives whose integrity was disrupted. In case of a rar file damage, it is the cyclic redundancy check, or CRC, that prevents you from extracting its contents, even if their part is intact. Instead, a notification appears, saying "Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive". When damage prevents you from accessing archives, use Rar Repair Tool v.4.0, the state-of-the-art software specifically developed to recover corrupted rar files from damage. Its sophisticated algorithm helps repair rar archive structure and restore data within. The program handles rar repair in the automatic mode, relieving the user of the technical side of the process. Its user-friendly interface makes rar repair but a snap.

All, you will need to set Rar Repair Tool out to work, is simply locate files that need recovery. Then the program engine takes over. It thoroughly scans each archive and compares its current and original CRC values. The robust rar repair engine of the program allows it to recover rar files wherever it’s possible.

Additional comfort to the user is provided by the batch mode which lets you recover rar files with a single strike. Some rar files can “span” multiple disks, but with Rar Repair Tool v.4.0 you can easily recover rar files of any number of volumes. Whatever the number of files is, however big they are, the program’s powerful engine ensures their fast and accurate recovery.

Rar Repair Tool key features:

* Repairing all versions of both RAR and SFX archives;
* Recovery of multi-volume archives;
* Ability to fix rar files of any size (4 Gb and more);
* Batch mode;
* Robust recovery engine;
* Full automation of recovery process;
* Drag&Drop support;
* User-friendly interface.
Download Link:

Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking v9.51

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 9 gives small business users and PC enthusiasts the power to create documents, reports, e-mails and more—all by speaking! Fast, easy and amazingly accurate, it’s over three times faster than typing. Just use your voice to dictate and edit in Microsoft® Word and Excel®, Corel® WordPerfect®, and virtually all Windows®-based applications. You can even dictate into a handheld device when you’re away from your PC, or use a Bluetooth microphone! It’s never been easier to use—no script reading required, so you can get started right away!

When you use Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 9, it will change the way you think about PCs. You'll be faster, and have more fun, as you create letters, reports, and e-mails all by speaking. Just talk, and you can surf the web, open and close applications, even control your mouse and the entire desktop!

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 is up to 99% accurate, and often more accurate than typing. Dragon NaturallySpeaking never makes a spelling mistake, and it actually gets smarter the more you use it!
    Most people speak over 120 words per minute, but type less than 40 words a minute. Dragon NaturallySpeaking lets you create letters and e-mails about three times faster than typing by hand!
    You’ll be dictating letters, e-mails and surfing the web by voice right away! No script reading required to get started. We even include a full set of on-screen tutorials, and a Nuance approved free noise-canceling microphone.
    Use your voice to dictate, edit and control applications like Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Corel® WordPerfect®.
    Dragon products have won over 175 major awards for accuracy and ease of use, and are used by more people around the world than any other speech recognition software.
    Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking with Nuance-approved Bluetooth headsets.
    Dictate into any Nuance-certified handheld device for automatic transcription when you synch with your PC.

Chinese Purple Star Astrology

Chinese Purple Star Astrology Description:

Chinese Purple Star Astrology(Zi Wei Dou Shu, or ZiWei Astrology)
describes your past, present and future in twelve life categories,
such as Destiny, Wealth, Love, Career, Health, Children, Parents, etc.
It can explain and predict the changing cycles around you. and points
out one's destiny, how to avoid weaknesses and potentiate strengths.
Anybody can read and consult it at any time of their life. The Purple
Star Astrology was documented in the Sung Dynasty (980 to 1280AD) and
probably prepared by Chen Chuan. This formula centres on the Chinese
concept of Ming (life or fate). It attempts to explain why one person's
Ming is so different from another's. Why do some people have good
fortune, social position, riches or long life, while some others are
unlucky, suffer tragedies, are poor or die young? The Ming is control
led by your horoscope. Your Natal Chart comes with you at your birth
(the time of your birth date).

Most people familiar with the Chinese Zodiac, which is determined by
the individual's birth year, and gives a brief and interesting
explanation of the person's character. However the animal sings are a
simplified version of the rich legacy of Chinese astrology. This
ancient art and science developed over thousands of years into two
complex systems, the Four Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi) and the Purple
Star ( Zi Wei Dou Shu).

The moment when we come to the world, with our first breath we are
exposed to the prevailing chi, the dominating universal forces, which
set the dynamic pattern of our destiny.

According to the Chinese belief our fate is not inevitable, our actions
can alter our destiny. Where we are coming from and where we are going
is determined by the interactions of Heaven Chi, Earth Chi and Man Chi.
Chinese astrology help us to understand those forces and their patterns,
so we'll be able to choose - use our free will - which path we will
walk in our journey of life.

The calculation of the Four Pillars chart is based on a person's date,
time and place of birth. The interpretation of the Four Pillars chart
clearly indicates the opportunities and possibilities in the person's
career, relationships, romance, health and wealth and also the right
timing for proper action.

The Purple Star Astrology is the other traditional system of Chinese
fate calculation, based on the Pole Star and the constellations, which
relates to it.

Download Link:

Kundli for Windows Software (Pro Version)

Kundli for Windows is an astrology software with following features :
Windows Compatibility
Good Presentation
Most Accurate Calculations
Screen Preview
Storage of horsocopes and modules for future references
South/North Indian Charting
Aynamsa N.C. Lahiri/ K.P. / B.V. Raman
Latitude and Logitude databases, Time Zones database
Company Name, Address Phone No. and Background Option

What's New in Ver 4.5
More user friendly, i.e. interfere improved
Predictions Added

Basic Details
Niryana Longitudes and Lagna/Rasi/Asc Kundli, Moon/Chandra Kundli, Navamansa
Sayana Longitudes, Aspects
Bhav Chalit, Chalit, Bhav Positions
Sudarshan Chakra
Shodashvarga Table
Vimshottari Mahadasha
Vimshottari Pratyantar Dasha
Yogini Mahadasha
Yogini Pratyantar
Chara Dasha Cycle 1 & 2
General Predictions
Interpretation of Aspects
One Year Varshphal

Download Link:

Amor SWF to VCD SVCD DVD Creator - Burner

Amor SWF to VCD SVCD DVD Creator & Burner converts your Flash swf files to compliant Mpeg, VCD, SVCD or DVD structures (VOB and IFO).It converts your batch files into a compliant DVD Video set of files and burns it on a DVD blank media DVD+-R(W). The aspect ratio can be automatically selected or forced to a specific format. The program works for NTSC and PAL video format and create automatically chapters. Multiple audio tracks are supported. and burn them to a DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD-RW, so that you can play your Flash swf on DVD player.It is a Powerful and versatile DVD creator. The user-firenldy and easy-to-use interface lets you set begin-time/end-time for each Flash swf and batch convert. Very quick in conversion speed and no quality is lost!

Download Link:

Jagannatha Hora-Vedic Astrology Software Version 7.0

Om SreeMahaGanaadhipataye Namah
Om Aim Sreem Saumyaaya Namah
Om Sreem Suragurave Brihaspataye Namah
Jayatu Jayatu Jagannathah

Jagannatha Hora

Vedic Astrology Software

Version 7.0

Download Link:

Kundli Professional Full [The Horoscope creation Software]

Kundli Professional Full

[The Horoscope creation Software]

This is a very useful software for creating your Horoscope, just enter your Name, Date of Birth, Birth Time & Birth Place-Click OK..Your Horoscope is ready to print..

Epocrates Rx [Mobile drug and formulary reference]

Save time and practice safely with continually updated drug information at your fingertips
  • More than 3,300 brand and generic drugs, including:
    • Dosing
    • Interactions and Adverse Reactions
    • Safety/Monitoring
    • Pharmacology
    • Retail pricing
  • Drug-drug interaction checker
  • Health insurance and Medicare Part D formularies
Drug Information

Instantly access drug prescribing and safety information for more than 3,300 brand and generic drugs. Search for a drug by name or class, and then review:
  • Adult, pediatric, renal and hepatic dosing (on- and off-label)
  • Black Box Warnings
  • Adverse reactions (serious and common), interactions (organized by clinical category), and contraindications/cautions
  • Safety and monitoring - monitoring parameters, therapeutic drug levels, non-interchangeable forms, pregnancy and lactation safety
  • Manufacturer info, retail pricing, and FDA/DEA status
  • Pharmacology information, including metabolism/excretion, drug class, and mechanism of action
  • Notes section for your personal notes
  • International drug name index (currently available for customers in Canada, Germany, Spain, and the UK)
Drug Interactions

There are some things you just can't do in your head!
The powerful MultiCheck feature enables you to check for interactions among as many as 30 drugs at a time.
Potential interactions are organized by clinical category to help you determine the appropriate action.

Formulary Information

Epocrates Rx contains up-to-date, detailed formulary information for hundreds of health plan, hospital, and Medicare Part D formularies, and provides easy access to therapeutic alternatives.
  • Download the insurance formularies you use most often.
  • Quickly check to see which drugs are covered.
  • Find plan-specific details on:
    • Copay tiers
    • Prior authorization requirements
    • Quantity limits
    • Step-therapy guidelines
  • Search for preferred therapeutic alternatives.
My Epocrates

Personalize your Epocrates application.
It’s easy to tailor Epocrates Rx to suit your needs. For example:
  • Create shortcuts to your favorite features
  • View your Rx lookup history
  • Add the free MedTools applications you need most
  • Add your own notes to a drug monograph
  • Receive CME courses and DocAlert messages in your selected specialties
  • Change your default screen, e.g., Default to Peds Dosing
Additional Tools

Additional references and tools to help you every day include:
  • More than 30 useful medical calculators, including BMI, Peak Flow, and Creatinine Clearance
MedTools applications
  • Choose the free decision support tools you need most at the point of care
MobileCME activities
  • Earn CME/CE credits or just learn something new on the go.
Medical News
  • Medical and practice news in your specialty, delivered to you when you sync
The Epocrates Medical Information editors continually update the Rx drug database to ensure you have the most current information available, including:
  • New drugs and interactions
  • New indications
  • Drug recalls
  • Medication safety updates from the FDA, CDC, ISMP, and AHRQ and more
  • Formulary status changes
To receive these updates, simply sync your mobile device while it is connected to the Internet (you can also sync wirelessly).

Download Link:

Password: www . w5awarez . com

Daily Astrology Explorer v1.0

Daily Astrology Explorer v1.0 Retail | 11.3 MB

Horoscope software can tell you about the important trends in your life and your future, but what about your day-to-day life? Daily Astrology Explorer is an innovation from PublicSoft, world's leading maker of astrology software to help you use the guidance of Vedic astrology in your everyday life. Daily Astrology explorer gives you a comprehensive set of charts and predictions that you can use to judge how your day will be, the precautions to take, recommendations for the day and the activities you should do and avoid. Work with Daily Astrology Explorer everyday when you start your day, and let Vedic Astrology enrich your life.

Daily Astrology explorer gives you a comprehensive set of charts and predictions that you can use to judge how your day will be, the precautions to take, recommendations for the day and the activities you should do and avoid.

Work with Daily Astrology Explorer everyday when you start your day, and let Vedic Astrology enrich your life.
Daily Astrology Explorer's super user-friendly interface makes using the software a piece of cake even for novice computer users. No confusing clutter of buttons. Simple point and click usage.


Export to PDF in Local languages
4 Types of Ayanamshas
Supports North, South, East Indian Kundli Styles
Comprehensive country & city database.

Download Link:

Total Password Recovery v2.3 Build 2134

Total Password Recovery is designed for resetting local administrator and user passwords on Windows XP / VISTA / 2003 / 2000 / NT systems in case an Administrator's password is forgotten or lost. You do not need to re-install and re-configure the operating system.

Forgotten password recovery software has a simple user interface, supports multiple hard disk drives, detects several SAM databases (if multiple OS were installed on one volume) and provides the opportunity to pick the right SAM before starting the password recovery process. It displays a list of all local users. The software user simply chooses the local user from the list to reset the password.

Download Link:

DJVU Sofware

DjVu (pronounced "déjà vu") is a digital document format with advanced compression technology and high performance value. DjVu allows for the distribution on the Internet and on DVD of very high resolution images of scanned documents, digital documents, and photographs. DjVu viewers are available for the web browser, the desktop, and PDA devices.


PDF to Image Command Line v2.1

PDF To Image Converter (PDF2Image) is an application program based on Windows platform, which can directly convert PDF files to dozens of image formats, it does support whole PDF file to image file conversion, include text, line, arc, ellipse, Bezier, color, image, form and other type elements


14,000 Serials For Appz & Game

14,000 Serials For Appz & Game


Password: www w5awarez com (add . in password)

Outlook Hotmail Yahoo Gmail-Password Displayer

So no more hacking or guessing the secret question, if you like to try this
with your enemies then send this prog to your own email account, ask to
check out ya mails while you re using the enemies pc , Open prog ( doesnt
get installed and is less than 50 kb big ) and find out his password whahaha .

Here are some specifications of the prog.

>>> Mail PassView is a small password-recovery tool that reveals the
passwords and other account details for the following email clients:

* Outlook Express
* Microsoft Outlook 2000 (POP3 and SMTP Accounts only)
* Microsoft Outlook 2002/2003 (POP3, IMAP, HTTP and SMTP Accounts)
* IncrediMail
* Eudora
* Netscape 6.x/7.x (If the password is not encrypted with master
* Mozilla Thunderbird (If the password is not encrypted with master
* Group Mail Free
* Yahoo! Mail - If the password is saved in Yahoo! Messenger
* Hotmail/MSN mail - If the password is saved in MSN Messenger
* Gmail - If the password is saved by Gmail Notifier application.

For each email account, the following fields are displayed: Account Name,
Application, Email, Server, Server Type (POP3/IMAP/SMTP), User Name, and
the Password.

Download Link:

Password of rar file : www w5awarez com (add . in password)

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