TALLY 9 .0 [With Patch]

Tally 9 empowers business owners tomanage business smoothly. Designed keeping in mind the needs of theIndian businessman, it has several key additions in terms offunctionalities. You can send separate documents to suppliers, business associates, customers etc., in their language, while maintaining accounts in yourlanguage. In effect, you can conveniently transact business across thelength and breadth of India, and language will no longer be a barrier.

Freedomfrom dependence on accounting professionals is yet another clearbenefit that Tally 9 enables… right from day one! You can let youraccountant enter information in any Indian language that he iscomfortable with and you can review it in your preferred language –atjust the click of a button.

Backedby the heritage of incredible simplicity, Tally 9 takes one moresignificant step towards ensuring that concrete business advantages arerealised from accounting on computers.

The advanced technology empowering Tally 9 allows you to:
What Does Tally 9 Offer?

* Single-User Edition (TallySilver)
* Multi-User Edition (TallyGold).
* Best suited for small business at amazingly attractive prices!

Tally 9 - Best For Business Accounting

* Complete Book-keeping
* Books, Registers and Statements of Accounts
* General Ledger
* Outstandings Management, including Credit Limits
* Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables
* Flexible Voucher Numbering
* Flexible Classification of Account Heads
* Drill Down Display
* Date based Reporting
* Voucher and Cheque Printing
* Columnar Reports
* Bank Reconciliation

Tally 9 - Best For Business Financial Management

* Funds Flows
* Receivables Turnover (Payment Performance of
* Branch Accounting
* Flexible Period Accounting
* Consolidation of Companies
* Budgeting and Control
* Cost Centres & Profit Centres, with Multiple Cost Categories
* Variance Analysis
* Ratio Analysis
* Scenario Management including Reversing Journals and Optional Vouchers

Tally 9 - Best For Statutory Returns

* VAT Statutory Returns
* VAT Composition Returns
* Service Tax
* Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
* Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)
* Excise for Traders

What Makes Tally 9 The Best?

* Simplicity in usage
* Speed in navigation
* Power of information management
* Flexibility in adapting to your business
* Concurrent multi-lingual capability
* No codes for convenience
* Real-time reporting
* Online help for user friendly experience

Tally 9 - Best For Advanced Business Financial Management

* Multiple Companies
* Multi Currency Accounting
* Multiple Financial Years
* Comparison of Data using Multi-Columnar Reporting
* Memo Vouchers
* Post-dated Vouchers
* User-defined Voucher Types
* Sales and Purchase Extracts
* Cash Flows
* Daily Balances & Transaction Values
* Interest Calculations
* Percentage based Reporting

Tally9 allows you to get the information you require in the format you need.Just create your format in any ODBC compliant software like MS-Word orMS-Excel, and pull data from Tally. To create any report you want. LikeAudit Reports and Schedule VI forms. Or internal reports. You can evengenerate your export documentation by pulling data from Tally.

• MailTallyHarness the power of the Internet! Tally 9 uses the SMTP protocol fore-mail. Now, e-mail invoices to your customer. Or your purchase order.In fact, e-mail any Tally report or document as easily as you print!Even reminder letters and statement of accounts need not be printed andposted. Simply e-mail them. It is not only postage cost that you save,you save on so much of your valuable time.

• E-TallyYou can improve your company's efficiency by sharing information withyour extended enterprise: your customers, your bankers, your businesspartners and other associates. Now publish all reports and documentsfrom Tally 9 to a secure part of your website, using either FTP, HTTPor secure HTTP protocols, in HTML format. You can use this feature toinform customers the new price-range and stocks available for sale. Orpublish reports that your CEO can access, while traveling, using anyinternet browser.

• XML Tally Tally 9 enables youto exchange information with non-Tally systems, using XML. You can nowshare data across locations, amongst business associates and partners,and make your workflow seamless. You can now collaborate with othersand share information like never before.

• On-line Help Tally 9 has built in Context Sensitive Help. Press the Help button while in Tally, and it will bring up the relevant topic.

• "Scenario" managementThe new "Scenario" Management capability allows you to plan, as well asanalyse your business performance, under varying assumptions. You canget different views of your accounts and inventory information byselectively including Optional Vouchers and/or Reversing Journals andMemos. Use this feature for forecasting and planning. Prepare reportsincluding provisional figures without affecting actual accounts usingreversing journals that automatically reverse. This is useful forreporting interim statements.

• Print Preview This facility helps you check printed report formats and layouts before actual printing takes place.

• Direct Access to the Internet Tally 9 allows you direct access to Web Browsing from within Tally.

• Tally 9 Cutting Edge technology

Tally9 has achieved major technological breakthroughs to enable you tobenefit from collaborative technology such as protocol support forHTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, ODBC, and Raw Sockets with data interchangeformats like XML, HTML, SOAP, SDF and related formats, rule-basedcollaboration supporting export, upload and synchronization.

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