CameraFX v2.6 January 2008 [Full]

CameraFX is a unique imaging tool for your phone which allows images to be captured and manipulated in real-time. All Special FX are produced in real-time on your phone!

Extra Features

  • High quality filtered zoom.
  • Save captured images to the PhotoAlbum, or send via IR, BT, Email and MMS
  • Load up an image stored in the PhotoAlbum and add effects before sending
  • Multiple language support - Select language from within application, and easily add new languages
  • Send application trial to a friend via Bluetooth
  • Easily purchase via SMS from within application - 30 days trial or unlimited time!
  • Full on-line help
  • Free Trial
Keyboard Controls

The following keyboard controls are available for fast colour adjustment:

  • 1 - Greyscale Colour mode
  • 2 - Normal Colour mode
  • 3 - Inverse Colour mode
  • 4 - Decrease Brightness
  • 5 - Toggle Night mode
  • 6 - Increase Brightness
  • 7 - Decrease Contrast
  • 8 - Colour swap
  • 9 - Increase Contrast
Download Link:

Ultra MP3 Player v 1.52 for Mobile Phone [Full]

UltraMP3 For symbianOS

UltraMP3 is a music player for your mobile phone. It is a handy application with cool graphical user interface, allowing you to listen to your favorite music on your Symbian mobile device. UltraMP3 loads and plays music in MP3 and OGG format, as well as MOD, XM, IT, S3M.
The player has built-in playlist editor, which allows you to arrange music files on your phone, and play them in any order you wish. High degree of customization allows you to choose from one of more available skins, and skin editor ships with application - in a few simple steps you may create your own skin. Handful of nice skins is shipped already with the application.

With UltraMP3, you may take your favorite songs everywhere with you. Additionally to MP3 and OGG playback, the player supports module music format - there’re tens of thousands of module music freely downloadable from the internet - use links below and visit dedicated sites. If you have grown on Amiga and 386 PC should know what’s module music about, if you don’t know, just give it a try. The advantage of module music (over mp3 music for example) is that even on your memory-limited phone device, you may have hours of music available (approximately there’re 2 hours of play time for 10 MB of files size). Anyway, today’s size of MMC cards allows you to have one or two albums of MP3 or OGG music files in your phone, so just upload it and listen.

Download Link:

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