OpenXML/ODF Translator Add-ins for Office

This is quite useful for dual-boot users, who share documents between Windows and Linux in general and OpenOffice and MS Office in particular. It can also be useful for MS Office users on Windows running OpenOffice, as well as people who occassionally have to open files created in OpenOffice.

Here's a slew of screenshots demonstrating the use of the OpenXML/ODF Translator Add-in in Microsoft Office 2003. The installation is very simple. It does take a few more steps, as Microsoft Office has to be reconfigured and the .NET component installed, but it takes just a few mouse clicks to complete.

Proxy+ (Internet Sharing Proxy)

Proxy+ works as firewall proxy server and mail server. All workstations can use Proxy+ services via the TCP/IP protocol. Some features are: Firewall increases security by separating LAN from the Internet, Disc cache with advanced manageability, Mail server with intranet mail capability, Automatic sorting of incoming messages, Automatic dialing/hanging-up of a switched telephone line, Support of synchronous and asynchronous dedicated line, WWW server for intranet and many more.

100% Free IP Address Tracker

  • Track an unlimited number of IP addresses for a unified, at-a-glance view of your IP address space
  • See which IP addresses are in use – and which are not
  • Eliminate manual errors, while ensuring that IP addresses are listed in the right place

Network Config Generator

Who’s the smartest network engineer you know? It’s YOU when you have our new Network Config Generator as your brainy sidekick! Configuring VLANs and other advanced services can be tedious and time consuming. Who really has time to go online and research network configuration settings or crack open a manual?Now there’s a faster and easier way to squeeze more performance and value out of your network by activating the device capabilities you’ve already paid for!

Download our free Network Config Generator and in less time than it takes to say “C-L-I”, you can be running config templates that automatically configure both common and advanced network device features.

Network Config Generator Highlights:

  • Boost your network performance by activating hidden IOS features you’ve already paid for
  • Save time by running advanced network scripts made from simple, predefined config templates
  • Sail through the Command Line Interface (CLI) and enable advanced network device features with an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)

AVS Video ReMaker

Edit video files without reconversion. Cut unwanted scenes from videos recorded with various PVR, DVR & DVD camcorders. Insert DVD and Blu-ray menus.

  • Edit Video Files without Reconversion
Cut, delete unwanted parts, change scene sequence in MPEG, AVI, DVD, Blu-ray, WMV, etc. without reconversion.
  • Edit Various Supported Formats
Work with MPEG, DVD, AVI, WMV, Blu-ray, etc. See a full list of supported video formatsEdit HD-Videos
Edit AVCHD, MOD, MTS/M2TS, TOD, etc. video files recorded with camcorders and video cameras.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Support
AVS Video ReMaker is compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Windows.
  • Preserve Original Quality
Remove unnecessary video parts in MPEG, AVI, DVD, HD, etc. and simply save your video anew.Create
  • DVD and Blu-ray Menus
Split video into chapters, select between a number of menu templates. Burn video files on to DVD or Blu-ray discs.

Capture Video
Transfer video from camcorders and video cameras to hard drive, edit files and create home video DVDs. Capture video from Web cameras and DV cameras.Multilingual Support

AVS Video ReMaker interface and tech-support are available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

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