NI DIAdem v10.2

DIAdem is software for managing, analyzing, and reporting data collected during data acquisition and/or generated during simulations. DIAdem is designed to help you make informed decisions and meet the demands of today’s testing environments, which require quick access to large volumes of scattered data, consistent reporting, and data visualization. The DIAdem DataFinder, which is optimized for managing data from multiple sources and different formats, helps you correlate data based on its descriptive attributes – functionality previously reserved for only those with a customized data management system.
DIAdem Packages
Base Edition

* Generate reports with 2D graphs and tables
* Use standard engineering analysis functions
* Run scripts created in Advanced or Professional packages
* Mine data using the DIAdem DataFinder

Advanced Edition

* Use all the functionality found in Base
* Generate reports that include 3D graphs and tables
* Analyze data with advanced functions

Professional Edition

* Take advantage of all the functionality found in Base and Advanced
* Use sophisticated analysis such as rainflow and order analysis

NI Developer Suite

* Use Professional bundled with NI software
* Take advantage of the best value for software
* Access automatic upgrades and technical support

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